Sustainability with Style

Sustainability with Style

Meriem Lebdiri’s debut collection, “The Jijel”, is here to redefine fashion and style. The young designer, who has already made a name for herself in the fashion industry, has used the term luxury with the purpose of defining her brand. One of the cornerstones of this promise is sustainability. Meriem believes that true luxury should not only be about glamour and excess, but also about responsibility and ethical principles.

The Jijel collection offers timeless designs made of high-quality materials that are built to last. Our brand’s current and upcoming catalogs allow our customers to create their own unique style of luxury clothing and accessories. We believe that fashion should be personal, and that style is not something that can be bought, but rather something that is created through self-expression and experimentation.

At Meriem Lebdiri, we strive not only to style up your wardrobe, but also to make the world a better place. Our luxury assortments are always available, but we never compromise on our commitment to sustainability. For the bags, we use sustainable materials, such as recycled inner fabrics and non-leather for the outer material. We use only ethically sourced materials and produce limited collections only. We don’t use mass production since our garments are made to order, launching at Frankfurt Fashion Week in the summer of 2022. Our aim is to prevent mass production, which could have long-term environmental implications. The fabric will not be cut until we’ve received an order. It is also possible to recycle these fabrics into new fabrics later.

Style with Meriem's fashionable handbags and clothes You can also help promote sustainable fashion! The clothes and accessories from Meriem can be worn for years without feeling out of date if they are maintained properly. Remember, there is no shame in wearing the same outfit to multiple gatherings or publicizing it on social media. Be your own master.

You’ve discovered your personal style. Take pride in it!

By adding a hint of realism to social media, it not only encourages others to follow suit, but also avoids exaggerated promises and unrealistic expectations. Meriem Lebdiri’s Jijel collection is now available for sale online. Click here to browse through these 9 premium luxury handbags that will go with your clothing style. Also, make sure to keep an eye out for more blog posts in the future.

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